Fundraising Among The Giants

How to Attract High Net Worth Individuals and Major Donors for Good

What can we expect from the Book?

This is the first ever fundraising book written and published by a local Singaporean. This guide is the ultimate step-by-step resource in empowering anyone with the right mindsets, knowledge and strategies to identifying, cultivating close relationships and asking for major funds from the movers and shakers of society.

Richard Giam, an entrepreneurial fundraiser with a proven track record with many years of experience, will pull back the curtains and reveal his secrets on building strong relationships with the giants who will eventually become part of your inner circle.


Here are the key highlights:

1 Who are you? It’s time to recognise your inner power and gifts as you stand tall among the giants
2 Master the 4 magical steps to influence and move the giants across various industries.
3 Make your case for support so simple and yet compelling for the giants to hear.
4 Will the real giants please stand up? Learn how to differentiate the real giants from those fake ones.
5 Are you a Lion or Hyena? Go out and experience the joy of hunting!
6 All giants were once small. Read about how Kenneth Kam grew his charity from the early days.
7 Learn the art and science of forging strong bonds with giants which will eventually lead to the BIG ask.
8 Unleash the giant in you using the Six infinity stones.
About The Author:
author Richard Giam
Richard Giam

Richard Giam is the Founder and CEO of Rainmakerz Pte Ltd, a boutique fundraising and business consultancy working in partnership with family offices, business owners, funds, investors and HNWI. Besides being a Managing Partner of IM Holdings, a logistics and distribution company, Richard is also a Director for Gym Wear Movement Pte Ltd.

As a Goodwill Ambassador for the Singapore Red Cross and the Ambassador for the Kenn Foundation, Richard has over 18 years of successful marketing communication, sales and fundraising experience in government, corporate and non-profit organisations. He has held several key appointments in tertiary institutions throughout his fundraising career.

Richard has a Master of Mass Communication degree from Nanyang Technological University and was awarded Pearson Education Gold Award for being a top student in the cohort in 2010. He obtained his Bachelor of Communication Studies (Hons) at NTU in 2000. He has had been recognised as the Winner of Best Personal Brand Award 2017 and is a Nominee for Spirit of Enterprise Award 2018.

Richard is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Master Practitioner of Business NLP and Master Executive NLP Coach with an Advanced NLP Certificate in Emotional Intelligence. He is a Master Enneagram Coach and Administrator who possesses an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

Awards Won:
Best personal brand award
Asia Leading Brand